Monday, March 2, 2009

The return of the mojo??? Part I

Well it will sound almost a lie to say that I have found my lost mojo. Because we all know you can't loose wha t you don't have... LOL.

I like stamping I am not what you will call talented per se but I like it!

Here is my latest project:


BethH said...

Oh, now you listen to me....that is hooey-patooey! You do have MOJO and it shows on this card...and I've gotten several cards from you, my lil' taquito, and they are quite amazing. Yes, you are talented and I don't want to hear talk of otherwise! :) Love this card....cute, fresh, and adorable for spring. word verification for today is OVULATTE Funny! Now would that be French for ovulate, or a latte made with ovu's?? Hum....

Granny Hawkins said...

You have been kinda busy lately so I know your MOJO is in a box somewhere screaming to be let out!