Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My stamps were in shock!

Yesterday afternoon I stamped!

Yep incredible but true. One of my cousins had a baby girl over a month ago and I a SLACKER have not yet send her a card or the little present I have for her :shock:

So I finally made a card and hopefully the package will go out by Friday!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

In the orchard!

Here are a couple pics of Saturday adventures. The first pic has the 2 apples of my eyes (the one with the hat and the other you can just see his tush in green, LOL) and the second the apples they picked !! ;)

Monday, October 6, 2008


I just got my nesties!!

Woohoo I am so excited to get them........ can you tell! LOL

I have been wanting some nesties for a while but I couldn't spend that kind of money in something I will not be using daily. But the "need" was more powerful than me and I gave in.
I must clarify that I gave in just because they were FREE (well sort of). Let me tell you how:

I fill surveys online and I get paid for it!! Yes I get paid for voicing my opinion about everyday household items, clening products, etc. Its soooooo easy and the best thing is I didn't have to invest 1 cent.

I saved all the money (gift cards and such) that I got filling the surveys and then spend it on my nesties!!

My hobby ( more like and addiction LOL) stamping is not cheap as you might know. And this extra "money" is given me the freedom to get a few extra goodies without affecting my budget.
You can get all sorts of stuff. Stuff for home, christmas presents, music, books, etc. My gift cards were for so I had a looooot of freedom to choose.

Are you interested? or even curious? Click in the link on your right and sign up for it, you will be surprised how fast you make a few extra bucks.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

October is here!

Just in case you have not realized it yet...... October is here! LOL

The weather is certainly feeling cooler and the leaves are all so pretty!

We are planning in going to the apple orchard this weekend and have some fun. I hope it doesn't rain or its too cold.

I have been feeling the "need" to stamp. I want to make some fall cards to send to my friends.