Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I'll not be too late ;0)

This year I'm not going to be too late for sending one of my dear friends her b-day card. I said not too late cuz last year it took me a little over 5 months to send it to her. In my defense we were in the process of buying a house, remodeling such and moving in less than 3 months..... jst reliving it made me exausted LOL

This crad will be just a week late which is like "a miracle" teehee. She is not a pink kind of gal bit I dn't think she is going to cringe at this mauve colored CS *crossed fingers*

Materials:  textured metallic mauve and silver CS, vintage violet CS, black CS, mica powders,  white stazon, transparency, ribbon, gems

Teachers' cards

My baby #2 had his preschool graduation ceremony today. We all pooled to get the teachers a class present.

One of the moms saw this custom made planters (very cool) and shared the idea with the rest of the parents. We all thought it was great.

I volunteered to make the cards and we had an awesome time.
The cards:


Thursday, May 13, 2010


I got the inspiration for these cards from the SCS gallery. More than inspiration I closely reproduced. The second one is almost an exact CASE except for a couple changes. What can I say I have little imagination *sigh*

The frist one is for one of the sweet ladies that came to chat with us at my moms group and talk to us about devotionals and how to get kiddos excited about learning more from the Bible.
The second one is for my french teacher. Today is our last lesson and she has been a fantastic teacher!
Merci beaucoup Jenny!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Not about collecting

Once in a while I try to remind myself that my stamps are not the kind you collect...LOL
They are actually to be used and to make pretty stuff. Well in my case make OK stuff.
I usually don't like making New Year resolutions if I make any I make resolutions that will be easy to keep. This year I made the resolution of sending/giving b-day cards to my friends, even if I send them late.
So far its been ok. I have been late 99.9 % of the time but I'm doing it. Here are some of them:

There is a couple more cards I made for 2 dear friends that are b-day twins but I forgot to take a pic of them before I sealed the envelopes. *sigh*