Monday, March 30, 2009

Free stamps..... anyone?

Inkadinkado is giving away stamps. They will give you 1 free stamp from their grab bag for each card you send them.

The limit is 3 free stamps and the condition is that you can ONLY use inkadinkado stamps for your cards.

Here is a link to more instructions: Inkadinkado

I am going to submit 3 cards. There are nowhere as good as the other cards I have seen people submited but I TRIED! ;)
The third card has an acetate base. But in the scan it came black :( The problem is that I can find the camera to take a better pic of them.
They look better IRL, I promise. Both the palm tree and the humming bird have criystal effects on them to make them pop.


Connie said...


Nice work Carolina :0)

Miss Iowa said...

Awesome cards! I love that palm tree and the coloring on the hummingbird is beautimous. I bet the acetate really sets it off. Great job!

And that reminds me...I sent my cards to them with delivery confirmation. I'm going to check to see if they're arrived yet. BRB. LOL!

Miss Iowa said...

Update: I received an email from Inkadinkado on April 3 that my stamps are on the way. WOO HOO! Can't wait to see what they send me.

BethH said...

How fun! What great cards, Carolina. I love your style, babe!

Miss Iowa said...

Hey Carolina!! I'm trying to teach Granny how to post comments on a blog and decided to use yours as an example since it's one of the first blogs I ever posted on. Hope all is well in the new house. MISS YOU!! Please pop in and post so we're know you're OK.