Monday, March 30, 2009

Free stamps..... anyone?

Inkadinkado is giving away stamps. They will give you 1 free stamp from their grab bag for each card you send them.

The limit is 3 free stamps and the condition is that you can ONLY use inkadinkado stamps for your cards.

Here is a link to more instructions: Inkadinkado

I am going to submit 3 cards. There are nowhere as good as the other cards I have seen people submited but I TRIED! ;)
The third card has an acetate base. But in the scan it came black :( The problem is that I can find the camera to take a better pic of them.
They look better IRL, I promise. Both the palm tree and the humming bird have criystal effects on them to make them pop.

Monday, March 2, 2009

The return of the mojo??? Part I

Well it will sound almost a lie to say that I have found my lost mojo. Because we all know you can't loose wha t you don't have... LOL.

I like stamping I am not what you will call talented per se but I like it!

Here is my latest project: