Monday, September 15, 2008

Somethings are true on TV

When I was a child I used to believe most of the stuff I watched on tv. Superpowers, immortality and such.

As I grew up and discover that those things were so not true I stop believing in pretty much evrything I saw on tv and thought....."it's just a movie", "they want me to believe that so I buy it"
Last week I discovered that one thing is true very very true of the things you watch on tv. Have you ever seen people sitting with huge bowl of ice cream? or in some cases the whole half gallon or pint containers to feel better?
I bet you have at least once if not more. Maybe some of you perform such act once in a while.
I am person who doesn't like chocolate and unlike most of my friends I didn't have a refuge (chocolate) to go to when I was anxious, sad, PMSing or just for fun :(

Well....... behold! I discovered the wonders of ice cream and its curative powers.


Jen said...

Ice cream is a wonder drug. :)

Love the blog babe!

fishlips said...

Ice cream can fix everything....

Miss Iowa said...

You mean you didn't believe that Samantha Stevens was REALLY a witch? Or that Colonel Klink was a real German army officer? Wait a minute. Were you even alive when those shows were on?! Oh never mind...

P.S. I prefer Breyer's mint chocolate chip.