Friday, September 19, 2008

Rip-ley :)

Toot toot!! that is exactly what happened last night and lots of times.

Well to those of you with your mind in the gutter NOPE it had nothing to do with THAT toot toot (BCBW) bwhahahaha
It had to do with ......gas. Yep you read it right GAS.

My hubby and my kiddos were goofing around last night and pretending to "wrestle". Hubby will "wrestle" with then and at the end of the "round" he will pick one of the kids and flip them upside down.

That soon back fired and boy do I mean that literally. When hubby picked our oldest son D. He had D's tush close to his face and there it came. D let out a chain of toots. Bwhahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.
What it is funnier still is that after that episode, many more came. Hubby gave up cuz he couldn't stop laughing.

At the end of the "game" D stood in the middle of the room and prodly and sweetly said: "Gosh after that my tummy sure feels smaller" LOL and for now his nickname is Rip-ley ;)


Miss Iowa said...

BAA HAAA! Now when you said "toot toot," I immediately thought of passing gas so is my mind in the gutter? What other kind of "tooting" is there besides tooting your own horn? Color me confused!

Anonymous said...
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